Why Hygge?

    Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish concept which will have a slightly different meaning from person to person. It has no "direct" translation into English but several words can be used to describe it such as: coziness, comfort, contentment, kinship, joy and simplicity. It refers to a sense of well-being; a sort of cozy contentment and finding joy within life's simplicities. It can be a special feeling within a moment, whether shared or independent.  

Hygge is an art-from. It is a sense of communal sanctuary, of being open-hearted and inviting closeness between one another. It is creating a feeling of belonging within each moment and within each-other. It is warmth, love, and a celebration of the otherwise mundane. 

When I huddle up in a windowed nook with a good book on a rainy day, or cuddle with comfortably cloaked loved ones around a fire during a light snow, whilst sipping hot cocoa and sharing stories, I experience hygge. Hygge can be something as simple as watching a gently flickering candle while enjoying your morning coffee, or witnessing a raindrop slide down a pane of glass, creating simple yet elegant patterns as it makes it's path. It can be taking joy in the texture of a blanket, the smell of a tree, the sound of rain, the taste of a herb, a mental connection with others. It can be any number of moments in which you can find enjoyment. 

Simple acts such as traditionally brewing coffee beans or loose leaf tea can become life affirming rituals that promote joy. Activities such as inviting friends and neighbors over to share a home cooked meal can become natural extensions of one's life, rather than the stressful over-engineered events that we often host. 

The concept of hygge was created to help Danes through long, cold winters. It helps to keep one's spirits up when the world seems dark and repetitive. These days it's hard to tune out all of the negativity in the world. Those of us that start the day by listening to the news usually find little more than darkness and depression running rampant. Incorporating a hyggeligt mindset into our daily lives can help create a more positive attitude with which we can meet the world and seek to make it a better place. 

Hygge is in its simplest form, being aware of the good moments and making time for them. Thank you for your support. I wish you all the best!

- Gerald