About Hyggeligt Fires

When I was a child, my parents would always host an annual gathering for the new year. We lived in a beautiful 150 year old house in the country, surrounded by roughly 10,000 acres of farmland, wildlife preserves, and natural areas. Each year, dozens of friends and family congregated in my parents backyard to stand around a (most years unreasonably large) bonfire. I'd huddle up with my sister drinking hot cocoa, hot apple cider, or coffee, while we listened to folks swap stories throughout the night. Smiling faces danced in the flickering fire-light. Laughter, singing, and instruments would be heard amidst the sounds of nature.

For me, this was the epitome of a hyggeligt atmosphere.

HyggeligtFires.com is my attempt to encourage that same atmosphere for others, while providing for my daughter. This website is dedicated to her.